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Bolso Mapache Muy Animal Frontal Modelo | Bob  Art

be curious, imagine, dream, follow your instinct, be a good animal

Bags for all age groups

for all genders

For the youngest ones

Children's backpacks from 1 to 6 years

    Taller Artesanal Sostenible  Taller |Bob Art

    No backpack is exactly the same, as they have been cut and made one at a time.

    They are made with a very soft fabric called sueder, which is resistant, ecological and sustainable.

    In addition, Bob art factory backpacks may pass from one generation to another, since their tear-resistant and stain-resistant finish provides them with a long life.

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    • Artesano Sostenible |Bob Art

      ONE BY ONE

      I only make what I have already sold. I do not generate stock remains and I take advantage of all the scraps for the face appliqués. The environmental impact is much less.

    • Alargar La Vida De Un Producto |Bob Art


      If your backpack has suffered an accident, I will do my best to fix it. Extending the life of a product is a good idea to take care of our planet.

    • Exclusivo |Bob Art


      Do you want to have a unique backpack?

      Do you want a special measure?

      Send me your proposal and we will make it come true.

    I hope you enjoy my bags and backpacks as much as I enjoy making them for you.